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Earthworms for Earth (E4E) | Non-Profit Organization

Saving the planet, one worm at a time!

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E4E wants to work with everyone from around the globe.

Would you hire a lawyer to fix your car? You might get lucky, but if you put inexperienced people into specialized positions, projects fail. Our plans are to put the right people in the right positions to do the projects right the first time.


The Earth is old. We are dealing with a complex life-form that has taken a long time to get here. It is 100% necessary to have complete and dynamic analysis of any possible project before, and after implementation.

Long-Term Goals

Because the Earth is a dynamic creature, any proposed project must maintain accountability for the long term. This is why our projects are laid out and planned for longstanding results.

Great Results

E4E is all about making a difference that is palpable. The Earth is our home, and we plan on keeping it our home for a long time.

Donate to E4E's Charitable Organization

The quickest way to make a difference is to donate. Click your favorite donation method below.

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