Earthworms Continue to Save the Earth

Charles Darwin, after writing his famous theory of evolution, went on to use earthworms as his next subject of research before he passed away. Unfortunately, the world never got to see his great mind fully applied to earthworm research. He noted that the entire countryside is remade yearly by this humble creature. He noted that the entire Earth is terraformed by these creatures and was fascinated in his findings. This simple creature has shaped the Earth for untold generations. Is it a stretch to think that it has saved us in more ways than one? If this creature can terraform an entire planet, I do not think it is a stretch to believe that Earthworms have saved us from disasters that would naturally occur without them.


How Can You Help Make a Difference?

Spreading knowledge is a great way to make a difference. If you have ever taught someone something they didn’t know before, you know the difference knowledge can make. Education is a constantly lacking resource in our modern world and we believe that educating makes the most profound difference in any humans life.


Saving the Planet, One Worm at a Time

Earthworms for Earth is a nonprofit charity that is dedicated to using mother nature to help human waste management. Our earth has existed for millions of years before we left our mark on the planet, and we want the earth to continue existing for millions more. The problem with our current trend is that humans have started to have a severe impact on Earths Eco system. If you recall from when you were young, an ecosystem is a community of living organisms and nonliving materials interacting as a single system. This means that if Earth starts to lose its ecosystem, we go with it.


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