Saving the Planet, One Worm at a Time

Earthworms for Earth is a nonprofit charity that is dedicated to using mother nature to help human waste management. Our earth has existed for millions of years before we left our mark on the planet, and we want the earth to continue existing for millions more. The problem with our current trend is that humans have started to have a severe impact on Earths Eco system. If you recall from when you were young, an ecosystem is a community of living organisms and nonliving materials interacting as a single system. This means that if Earth starts to lose its ecosystem, we go with it.

There have been many proposed solutions to curbing the current trend in human waste management. Earthworms for Earth is all about researching and postulating the long term goals of human waste management. Think of the Earth as a living creature in need of assistance, but the Earth is proud and used to dealing with problems on its own. You wouldn't force help on a creature that does not want it, would you? This is how we at Earthworms for Earth believe problems should be approached. A solution, or many solutions, should be researched, prepared, and ready to launch at any given notice. However, these solutions should never be forced onto any area of the planet that does not want it to be implemented.

Helping when no help is asked for is no help at all. In many cases, this help can be detrimental to the overall goal. This is why having clear goals and qualitative, scientifically backed research methods is imperative to properly achieving good for society.

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