What is E4E?

Earthworms for Earth (E4E) wants to do everything it can to help find green solutions to problems plaguing the planet. We are a non profit charity that uses worms to treat hazardous waste. In order to do that, we have to fund research to verify solutions, and then move on to applying the solution. This is where the majority of E4E’s’ work comes in.

We seek out specific specialists in the fields we are interested in testing, and prepare all the necessary documentation, costs, and analysis for the research to be conducted and confirmed. Once we have found our goal funding number, E4E volunteers actively seek out funding from donors who believe that the earth is worth saving. Our robust cycle of locating legitimate solutions to waste management leaves the opportunities to fund expansive. Many of the solutions we find are worth testing and experimenting, and some have turned into combination projects with more potential than any one system by itself.

E4E believes that help should never be forced. It is truly worth the work to develop solutions that apply world wide just to be able to offer it to willing and wanting people in a humanely, timed manner.

Applying nature’s soldiers for what they are designed for in the first place is an easy step towards managing our wastes in a sustainable manner. Managing and implementing these systems with positive benefit for the communities is what E4E does.

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