Who is E4E?

Earthworms for Earth (E4E) is a non profit charitable organization committed to researching green methods for hazardous waste management all over the world. E4E is currently working to create programs with universities and laboratories and has developed a funding model that will aid in hazardous waste management around the world.

E4E understands the symbiosis between alternative means of waste management and has created multiple platforms and solutions towards a brighter future. We are focusing our power towards specific projects with immediate and long-term results.

Our vision encompasses all of humankind and we do not discriminate against anyone who wants to join the cause and help. The earth belongs to everyone, and we believe that it's everyone’s duty to help take care of the earth. Whether it be through monetary donations, or actively helping educate, or maintaining healthy community waste management, we believe that now is the time to turn the tides on excessive human pollution.

We have been fascinated with findings regarding worms and earthworms. Research has been done to thoroughly prove that this humble creature shapes our planet. Darwin had a keen fondness for these creatures. We want to prove that these caverned crusaders can protect us against more threats than previously thought. Successful application and sustainability is what we are all about.

Only by researching and funding modern, and even innovating historic waste management systems will we be able to move forward into the future.

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