Our Plan

Due to the complexity of such a project, our plan has multiple programs aimed to appease minds of all levels. Our main goal is to get vermiculture and the act of creating a cycle for waste management ingrained in our children’s minds. This will allow for the program to exist in many forms that help keep the Earth a healthy place to live for all.

Our plan sounds so simple that many think, why wasn’t this thought of years ago? Using worms and earthworms to help manage waste, or even hazardous waste, sounds like a no brainer. In fact, it has been the cornerstone for natural waste management for millennia. Using a controlled setting to apply the worms is a modern technique used successfully in many countries. Links to successful applications can be found in here. Our mission is to get all nations on par with each other in regards to the science of waste management.

This is where our plan kicks into the green movement. Using mother nature to go green is about as green as you can go, and we want to be the benchmark for how to be green. By determining the best practices for using earthworms, E4E plans to expedite the treatment of hazardous waste in many countries around the world. There are many solutions currently on the market that allow for such systems to be implemented with great results. The issue is that these for profit businesses want to maximize their profits in order to offer the same service that we aim to provide. Our’s just happens to help the world at the same time.

Once we have all the verified data we need, we plan on moving forward and offering the service to hazardous waste management facilities, able to accept it, around the world. The implementation of such a system is complex, but we know it’s pay off will far outweigh the cost of creation.

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